Website based silent printing – Google is your friend, but so is common sense

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Some people continue to ask questions like:
“How do you silently print a web page directly without user intervention or input ?”

I’ll tell you why you must never attempt to do such a thing, or better, ask how to do such a thing.

Because it opens up an avenue to abuse.

Just imagine this –
You type into the web browser, and immediately, yea that’s as immediate as it can get, your printer starts spewing out printed advertisements. No it’s not a dream. You have found out the next way to become “rich ‘n famous”. Yeah !! You could be figuring in a whole lot of sites like this one for example – ROKSO.

Ok, you get the idea. It musnt be done, and it’s going to be done it’s gonna be done by those pigeon-brained folks who believe in fuzzy equations like |PAMPHLETS_PRINTED| = $$ !!

Now onto the next step – convincing the person who asked for this feature. Use the keywords – unethical, blacklist, spammer, professional spam……… I hope you’ve got it.
It’s going to be tough sometimes, but here’s a tip : Use the developer trumpcard. If you can’t, dont worry. Ask him to go over and read “What To Do When You’re Screwed“.

Silent Printing from websites…. Bleh.
Ok, if you have the cash and enough customers to lose, go here – MeadCo. Wait !! That’s not a spamming company or anything like that. They’re just there to make cash from folks like you who think that the customer is pigeon-brained. Seriously, do you think your customers’ cant use a fri**ing printer ? You better watch out for secure browsers, coz they’ll shoo your customers away !!!


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